About Us


We are not a hotel. We don’t give a room or a bed to rent. We are educator. We are other section of education. We totally support education. Since the date of starting school course, all of the walls of floors and rooms disappear, and totally transparent, homogeneous and so dynamic concept that includes all students. In this concept, nothing is stable and the same. Under this roof, we are a big family. Our basic purpose our students must be dismissed personal effects and they must be provided to be successful by us..
  • For living in concept of sweet home.
  • For being under your control during 24 hours with about 40 staffs.
  • For helping at the night to sick students with to cars and 3 staffs.
  • For security with 8 staffs.
  • For hygiene that our first aim.
  • For doing exercise in our fitness center.
  • Our being in concept of family.



Bilgi Student Dormitories - Turkey / Istanbul