Student Admission

Dear students and parents,

First of all “Welcome”. You should follow these steps in order.

You are showed around the dormitory. You should see all our physical condition. If you like, be glad, we will take you the second step.

  1. Students and parents who liked our conditions our explained all our principles, administrative instructions and processes for registration. Students who believe to adopt this condition can interplace to registration.
  2. At the registration period, at the meeting face, by director of the dormitory, student is taked a position that supports his/her on education life, keeps physical and mental health, keeps his/her peace and help successful life.
  3. For operation of the system, admission and registration process is completed in full, we want to remember some important subjects.

    - Please, fill in the blanks student information form.
    - We want to take your advice about demand. Please, at the registration period, tell your demand from dormitory. So, we can give information by evaluating you wish.
  4. We take a statement of signature. For control to your advice and can sent. Except to this personal signature, we don’t care others.
    You should be sure, our bliss that you share your demands and wishes, is the biggest source of our power.
    Whatever may came, your daughter is our daughter, and your son is our son.


Bilgi Student Dormitories Board of Directors.












Bilgi Student Dormitories - Turkey / Istanbul